Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Anthropologie Inspired Necklace

I am a sucker for big necklaces that sparkle. Anthropologie has the best statement necklaces on the planet. This tutorial was inspired by a bib front necklace that I loved but had a bit too much fabric, and I thought I could make something similar for far less money.

Anthropologie Inspired Bib Front Necklace Tutorial
Almost everything I used was found in my craft box before you head to the store see what you have. I highly suggest starting one if you like crafting, it is a catch all for lot of things that might otherwise get thrown out. This is the perfect necklace to use parts of broken jewelry, and scrap fabric. I used
  • About 18x4 inches of silk (any fabric would be fine, silk looks more expensive)
  • Beading string
  • Glue Gun (every crafter need one)
  • Box of pearls (you can repurpose a necklace, I got mine at Michael's for $3)
  • About 24 inches of chain ( I used a broken necklace)
Gather you supplies and cut your main piece of fabric to 18x4 inches. They use your glue gun to hem up the bottom edge to keep the necklace from fraying. (you are welcome skip this set, Anthopologie's necklace included a fraying detail, I wanted a cleaner look.)
Trim the corners take about three inches across and one inch down off the top. This will help the necklace to curve better. I think the shape is called a trapezoid?
 Do a simple stitch across the top and gather the fabric. I held my up in front of the mirror to see what size I thought worked best on me. Tie a knot on each end to hold the gather.
Once you figure out the size that works best for you, use your iron to flatten out the gathers and wrinkles. This will help it hold it's shape, and allow the bid to hang more flatly. Use your glue gun to attach both ends on the chain. Make sure you leave a couple of inches slack on both ends above the gathered edge. They will be important later.
 Next attach your next set of chains. They should be more decorative, even a strand of sequins would look great, or a second strand of small pearls. Get creative, and add some bling.
To finish off your necklace, string a small strand of pearls and estimate the size of the top edge. Hot glue the pearls to the top edge to hide you stitches where you gathered to silk. This will keep you necklace from folding in on itself. Attach jewelry chain to both sides where you left slack and add a clasp. Enjoy. You just created another head turner that will jazz up any simple cardigan or tee.

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