Thursday, January 20, 2011

no t-shirt left behind

Do you ever have one of those days where everything seems like work, even the basic stuff. Today was one of those days. But in the spirit of being the person I am trying to be (not one who wastes the day eating chips and watching daytime TV) I decided to make a few more t-shirt necklaces to share with you.

I posted a full tutorial last week, but here are a couple variations I made this afternoon.
The process is the same, but with these I cut 1 inch strips from the hem to the armpits. I set two strips aside to cover the hemmed side seams, and in under an hour I finished all four colorful necklaces. These were all made from women's size small t-shirts that had been shrunk by my evil dryer.
The black and the green were made from striped tees. I like the slight variation of color. This was the perfect thing to do today. It is an easy no brainer, with immediate satisfaction. And you really don't need any supplies but a scissors so clean up is a breeze. I think I will have to give some to my sister, I am acquiring way too many new necklaces lately and they are all too pretty not to be worn.
This is one of my favorites of the day. I am going to dye it later because I tend not to wear much white anymore due to make lack of a tan, and my tendency to spill everything, all of the time. For this necklace I used a men's large t-shirt. It was one of those promotional shirts my husband took, but never wore, that I told him not to take because it was just junk, and he took anyway because it was free. This shirt also had very little printing below the armpits.
This is the perfect kind of shirt to use for this process, because there are no hemmed sides to cover later, and it is long enough to double loop around your neck.  Then it becomes more scarf like. Now all I need is a box of RIT dye. I am thinking a nice pea green or a mustard yellow. You could mix two shirts together and have a very thick scarf. I am wearing it right now while I type and it is keeping my neck quite warm. What do you think? Send me a picture if you give it a try. 

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