Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pretty... Simple.

This necklace is close to my heart. Everyone knows I have a strange love affair with dollies. I made a necklace similar to this one a year ago for my art opening when I showed my mixed media paintings for the the first time. It is so simple I don't even need to make a full tutorial to share it with you. My necklace is inspired by this Anthropologie necklace which was on sale last time I checked. Although the sale price was still $30.00 and mine was made for about $3.00.  I would save my money, make one using my tips and get a cute top instead!
All you need is some chain, a clasp for the back, a 99 cent doily from Jo Anne's (they are in the crafting section by the felt and pom poms) and a glue gun.
 Glue the back of doily to the chain.
 You can stop there, just fold the top edge down to really mimic the anthro version. I (of course) had to bling mine out a bit more.
Pretty... Simple. 

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  1. Hi Aletha,
    Thanks for the tutorial! I recreated it and posted it on my blog. Take a look and keep the tutorials coming!

  2. Thanks so much Sarah Ray. Your creation is amazing, I hope everyone will check it out! Thanks for reposting. I have tons of new tutorials and creations to come. Thank you for your kind words. Happy Artstaring!