Thursday, February 10, 2011

how to make a pom-pom flower

They are everywhere these days. Pretty little fabric flowers.
This time of year they server a reminder that Spring will be here soon....... One can only hope.
These cute fabric corsages are pinned everywhere, on hats, clothing, bags, even on shoes. Anthropologie puts them on headbands, hair clips, necklaces, pretty much anywhere a little pop of color is needed. It is the quickest way to take a basic tee from drab to fab. This little adornment can carry a big price tag too. But you can make your own with fabric scraps, or repurpose an old top. This DIY will cost you pennies, looks like a million bucks.  Here are the basics to making a pom-pom fabric flower.  I like this style, it looks a bit like a carnation, which I think is a very underrated flower. 

How to make a pom pom fabric flower tutorial
First cut a ton of circles out of any scrap fabric. These will be your petals. I traced the top of a glue stick for each one, but don't stress they don't have to be perfect circles. These are all 1 inch circles, but you can do almost any size. You will need between 8-10 circles for each flower if you one at this smaller size. I am using left over raw silk for my pom pom flowers. I like the metallic surface and that this fabric will fray giving the flowers variation. Next cut a circle the same size as the petals out of felt.
Fold each petal in half and then in half. Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the petal and start in the center of the felt. Repeat working you way to the edge of the felt until the flower is to it's desired fullness. This is normally about 10 petals. Easy breezy. Now you can add a pin, a hair clip or a rubber band to the back to accessorize your favorite top, jacket, hat, bag, hair... The options are endless.
For this necklace I made five flowers, cut out a felt smiley face, hot glued a bit of ribbon to tie in the back with a bow, and now I have a statement necklace that dresses up all my boring cardigans. This DIY bib necklace can vary in color, and size a million different ways. Give it a try and always send me a picture!

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