Monday, February 28, 2011

More Fun With Neckties

Sorry I was MIA all week. I lost my camera cord, but the good news is that it was found and I have a camera full of picture and projects to keep sharing with you. I hope you have made time for some Artstaring during these cold snowy winter months. Keep sending images of things you have made inspired by any of my tutorials, I love seeing everyone's unique and creative spin on things.

After my last post I was given a huge stash of mighty cute ties. (Thanks Janny!) I had an idea for another necklace, but I needed a bow tie not a necktie, and since bow ties are the white whale of thrifting, and Mr. Aletha wouldn't be caught dead in one so I couldn't steal one from him, (lame! I think they are rather hip) I decided I better figure out how to make one. What better to use then one of the many ties I now have, they are the same material and now I have a lot more patterns available to choose from.  This necklace isn't directly Anthropologie inspired, but I think it sure looks like something you would find there! This tutorial will show how to make a necktie into a bow tie and then make a necklace out of the bow tie.

Black Tie Optional Necklace
  1. Find a tie, I like stripes or extra small prints for the bow ties, but it is up to you.
  2. From the fat side of the tie measure in 3 inches from the tip and mark with a pin and then measure 5 inches from that pin and mark with another pin. These are your fold guides.
  3. Press with an iron at the pin marks. You need about a 2 inch overlap in the back, and then cut and set aside the rest of the tie. In image three you will notice a bit of the tie sticks out. Fold and iron that under to make all sides even. You should have a 5" by the width of your tie rectangle.
  4. Slip stitch the back closed with a matching thread. You may want to slip stitch the extra fabric down as well.
  5. Pinch the middle together and then wrap several times with thread. You almost have a bow tie.
  6. From the skinny tip measure about 5 inches and cut. Then measure 25 inches and cut. (This should be about  the spot where the tie begins to widen)
  7. Fold each end of the 25" piece over 1/4" and then 1/4" again. Slip stitch the folds in place. This will give you a nice clean strap to go about you neck. It is the perfect width already because it was the part of the tie that was designed to comfortably go about you neck.
  8. I attached two cheep bracelets to the ends in this necklace. You can use anything from broken jewelry, strung beads, old chains, even pearls. 
  9. Lastly attach the bow to the strand using the 5" piece you set aside. Wrap as tight as possible around the bow and the strap, the strap should be behind the bow. Then fold under one end before stitching closed for a nice clean look. 

You could make a DIY bow tie if you just adjust the strap and add a bit of velcro. I ran that idea by Mr. A, he was not on board. For now I guess I will just stick to fashions for me. I made three last week. The striped one is probably my favorite. I keep planning my outfits to match it.  It was made using broken chains and necklaces. The silver looks so great with the navy tie and bow. The print is very prep school chic. I really like the asymmetrey of these necklaces and the contrast between the fabric and the hardware. The oversized bows are a great flashy accent. They have the perfect Jcrew meets Gossip Girl vibe that is very in for spring. Have fun and let me know if you give it a try!


  1. I love this! How did you attach the pearls/broken necklaces to the tie though?

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