Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green Monster Scarf

I am adding another page to the blog, Artstar Hookin'... Don't worry it is not going to be dirty!
I have a new found addiction that distracts me from painting, crochet. It is so much more relaxing to me than knitting. I have a hard time trying to balance and twist the knitting needles! When you crochet, all you need is yarn and a hook. I can throw it my purse if I am headed west side for a the weekend, and it doesn't take up too much space on the couch when I am too ADD to just sit and watch TV with Mr. A. I am completely self taught, thank you YouTube. Mikey has videos to teach you every stitch and advanced projects as well. Best of all he goes in slow motion!
I am not very good at following patterns, I usually get board or they take to long. Also I am such a novice that sometimes I have no idea what all the instructions mean, I am a picture person. So here is the first of many simplified projects that are fun, fast and things you would actually want to make, wear or use.

The Green Monster Infinity Scarf
The Green Monster Scarf is inspired by an infinity scarf I purchased this year but wore so much that it started to fall apart. This is by far one of the warmest scarfs I own.
 It's big, and slouchy and the perfect color of pea soup green. It can be worn long and relaxed or layered for that "my scarf is eating me alive" look that is so hip with a simple wool coat. (Not as cute with my crooked Ray Ban's! The self timer was not so kind that day.)

What you need to know and supplies- 
Stitches used- Chain Stitch, Double Crochet (DC), Slip Stitch

Row 1- Chain 125, join with a slip stitch
Row 2. Chain 1 DC 125 (Careful not to twist your chain)
Row 3-7 repeat row 2 weave in loose ends

If you are a more experience crocheter, I apologize in advance for my simplistic explanations, I do not claim to be a pro but I am having tons of fun learning. I whipped this baby up during two bad movies on one snowy Saturday. It is so quick and easy you can make one in very color, or it is the perfect last minute gift. But hurry up Spring is on the way!


  1. I totally failed in the knitting department. I've been thinking crocheting might be more my speed. I will have to pick up a hook. I've been dreaming of making those flower clips for the hair.