Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Pyrotechnics

This grouping is a collection of 12x12 inch mixed media and acrylic paintings. They are sample sized, for those who like the style and process but can't commit or invest in a larger piece. You get all the flavor but a much smaller price tag! They are all resined and framed in modern black float frames. "Electric Garden #1-9 are part of my Pyrotechnics Series.  You can read more about them here.
I love all the options small pieces allow for. You can create a large grouping for a dramatic, modern look. Or pair one or two in an existing group of photos and other small pieces for a more eclectic look. Each of  these pieces have a selection of small doilies, ranging in color collections- rainbow, warms and cools. The doilies are arranged on either black, grey or brown neutral grounds. Just like fireworks exploding in the night sky! These are all going to be added to my website asap. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing. I think four of them are already SOLD!

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