Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fishtail Braided Necklace

Hi Everyone! I have missed you. Like most MIA bloggers, it is a new year and one of my new commitments is to blog more. So here is my first post back in action for 2013.

There is something very relaxing and meditative about threading seed beads over and over again. When I was young I would spend every penny, and hours, collecting and sorting my bead collection but my neighborhood bff's. I love this necklace because it evokes the nostalgia of beading but adds a bit of sophistication that was missing from the necklaces I made in my youth.


The Basics: Seed Beads, Jump Clips, hoops, Chain and Clasp

String the entire package of beads on one long strand. Divide in half and then divide in half again. Now you should have four equal length strands. You are welcome to do each one and measure them again each other, but this just moves much quicker.
Fold each strand in half and attach a jump clip to each side. This will bulk up the look of your necklace.
Attach to your jewelery loop and then tape down to the counter or table. Now just fishtail braid the four strands. If you don't know how to fish tail braid there are a million tuts for your hair on Pintrest, it is the same concept. Attach jump clips to the other jewelery hoop to hold the braid in place. Attach chain and clasp. Easy Breezy. I would urge you to experiment with color and bead size. This would also work with a basic braid concept. If I were more patience I would do one with like 32 strands, I bet that would be stunning. Let me know what you think.