Fresh New Look

Some of you might have noticed, things look very different around here. Recently, I took a major risk and removed all the previous content from my blog. Every photo, every post, every word all removed with the swipe of a just a few keys. A history deleted that no longer aligns with the vision I have for myself, my art and my brand.

I did some major soul searching, and major brand reflection and decided that the best way for me to bring value and new life to ARTSTAR is to remove everything preexisting and start from square one.
For me, "square one" is literally a square. A clean, white square of possibilities. Every canvas starts this way for me, so why not use this same approach with my blog. I spend days painting canvases white, prepping and pre painting every canvas to a pristine box that hangs on the wall, waiting to be filled with ideas and magic. The process is meditative and I allow my mind to wonder and wander about where I am going to start with my next series of work. 
Going forward this will be a space where I share all the things I love, sharing my thoughts on art, fashion, design and cats. I look forward to sharing this journey of new creation with you. 

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