Meet The Pack

Every great artist needs a pack of studio assistants. Andy Warhol was an epic cat lover. After his father passed he lived with his mother and their "25" cats in their town home. Warhol's obsession with cats began when he worried his cat Hester was lonely. He brought home Sam to keep Hester company and then Sam and Hester had kittens and very quickly this escalated to the famous 25 cats. For the rest of his life he lived with a pack of furry friends of his own, serval warehouse cats were witness to some of the most ground breaking art and wild parties of the time.
My pack started three years ago when I went to rescue a dog, and left with Professor Brooklyn, the fluffiest puff ball the world had ever seen. A year later, and the same story.... I went to rescue a dog and left with Special Agent Kensington. This sassy tabby thinks she is the boss. 
Meet our most recent addition to the family, Commander Scout. She is the smallest member of the pack but definitely the mightiest. Her funny faces and ability to fly through air keeps us laughing and on our toes.

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